Just some of Scratch Free Packaging's loyal customers


Catering to manufacturers and distributors of jewelry, collectible coins, engraved awards, fine optics, surgical tools, and industrial platers and painters, Scratch Free Packaging products ensure scratch-free protection.

Here’s what Scratch Free Packaging customers report about using Scratch Free Packaging products:

"Wow, thanks so much, you are awesome! This was better than I had hoped... Could you please ship the first 2500 overnight (pre-pay and add) and then the balance can just go ground. Thank you thank you thank you!"

Jewelry manufacturer

"Dear Mike: You are so welcome.. Thank you for your wonderful customer service.. Have a great day"

Optical lens manufacturer

"Wow, fast!  Thank you so much!
Take care"

Jewelry manufacturer
New York

"We just received the package - you were faster than I was. Thank you. I will forward the invoice to our address in Triptis. Kind regards"

Optical lens manufacturer

"Good morning. Things are just nuts. I wish I had time to get things in order. The pouches are streamlining wonderfully! Thank you for handling our needs so well!"

Optical lens manufacturer
New York

"Thank you for your support on the pouches. That is one thing I don’t have to worry about. You really are a lifesaver!"

Optical lens manufacturer

"Thank you - once again. You are truly a wonderful partner. I now have a better understanding of what jobs are using these in high volume. Should be better planned as I have shared it with our planners."

Optical lens manufacturer
New York

"Thanks Mike! I appreciate your work!"

Automotive parts manufacturer

"Thank you very much for your great support. Freundliche Grüsse / kind regards,"

Optical lens manufacturer